Asian Bodywork Therapy

I graduated from Elements of Healing in Essex Junction,VT. with certificates in: Asian Bodywork Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Amma acupressure, Shiatsu acupressure and Oriental Herbal Therapy. Trained by Scott Moylan. His dedication and professionalism were an inspiration. Certified by Elements of Healing and The American Massage Therapy Association.

I had first learned about acupuncture from Dillman's Karate International in Hartland, VT. using the point theory for martial arts from Professor George Dillman,  Master Gary McKenny, Master Tom McKenny, Master Matt Brown and Master Joe Hammond. All five men are very passionate in teaching martial arts. I was promoted to 2nd degree black belt by Professor Dillman. I then realized I wanted to get into the healing aspect to help people.

I am also a 6th degree black belt teaching at my karate school, Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts, also on face book.

Julie Suarez Cormier from Vermont Community Acupuncture, my acupuncturist, has encouraged me even more.

Going forward I went to the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (N.A.D.A.) 5 point ear acupuncture training to become a certified technician to help with addictions and mental health treatment. Trained by Laura Cooley with her guidance and passion. 

I am now certified as a Vermont Recovery Coach to help people with mental health, drug and alcohol issues.

I am also a Spiritual Advisor, A spiritual advisor or guide is the person that helps you stay in the discovery process of spirituality, that is, in the art of practicing spirituality that balances human successes and expressions. This act brings you abiding peace freely flowing from your source, an awesome awareness of the spirit. It helps you achieve success is your aims, enrich your lives in all aspects, cultivate angelic qualities such as generosity, kindness, compassion, empathy, intuition, modesty and being in line with the whole. This human bridge really brings much more; it depends on how far you wish to travel and how willing you are to be at your best self. The key role of a spiritual advisor is to help you to be in your best self.

I am also certified as a Reiki Master trained by Reiki Master Dr. Ellen Albertson.

I am certified through UVM College with a Professional Certificate in Cannabis Science and Medicine, please contact me for medical cannabis consulting

I highly recommend the Railyard Apothecary for all your herbal needs, my patients and friends have been there and have been treated wonderfully, there staff is very professional and friendly, if you have any question they will gladly help you with a smile!