I've known Beau Clark for many years.  As a massage therapist,  he is thorough, consistent, skillful and very knowledgeable.  Beau has a passion for alternative medicine and is constantly seeking to better educate himself and his clients on the best way to take charge of their health.

I would encourage anyone to have Beau on their health warrior team!


Peg O'Neil


Beau Clark is a dedicated, focused and well knowledged Asian Bodywork Therapist. I highly recommend Beau for an approach towards natural healing. He takes pride in his work and educates his clients on their health concerns. Beau believes in constant improvement so he is able to meet the needs of his clients and to expand his business. His Amma massages are outstanding! I just recently experienced his acupressure treatment of Ear Seeds. This was new to me and not being fond of the needles, I have to say that from now on I will return to Beau for this particular treatment. My mind, body and spirit is in healthier condition due to his expanded knowledge.

Thank you,

Terri Clement


I've had the pleasure of Beau doing  Amma massage, I will tell you I'm 6'4". Beau was able to get into my muscles deeper in my back where my injuries were, he did cupping and used a moxa stick, I even tried the magnetic ear pellets. I will continue to see Beau for my treatments.

Thank you,

John H.


I purchased a massage from the advertisement on WCAX, half off the $70.00 price. I had never had a Amma massage before. I was so much more happier then with a Swedish massage. I purchased 2 more massages for my son and daughter-in- law.

Thank you Beau. I will be back!

Jenny B.


I just had an awesome massage with Beau Clark at Asian Massage in Essex. 

Thank you!

Pam S.


I had a incredible Amma massage from Beau Clark, I was suffering from depression, anxiety, migraine headaches. My doctors could not find what was wrong with me after all tests. He also put magnetic pellets in my ears. I also took his suggestion of having a earing stud at the migraine point in my ear, no more migraines!!! I'm so proud of what you're doing. I love you!

Your daughter,



Thank you for my Amma massage. I appreciate your sliding scale for disabled veterans, Medicare and Medicaid patients. I would not have been able to afford this anywhere else. You make a difference!

Jim B.


Thank you for the Amma massage I purchased from the WCAX special half off, it was incredible! 



I was very impressed with your Asian Body Work Therapy ! And your professionalism Thank-you!